Database 2: Lockdown

Document 002-1

FROM: ███████ ██████
SUBJECT: Emergency

Whoever receives this message:
I’m trapped in Sector 7 right now and I can’t get out. There’s gunfire and shouting outside my office, the guard that's supposed to be with me is missing. I think it's a terrorist attack, but I didn't hear any alarms or anything. I'm betting they're going to cut the power here soon. Please hurry.

Document 002-2

FROM: Andrea Czakis
SUBJECT: Need your help NOW

I’ll keep it short. Sector 7 is in lockdown from a terrorist attack, and we're pretty certain that they're members of the security team. Figure out who in there is a terrorist and who isn’t so we can shoot on sight. I’ve sent you the creds for the Sector 7 VLI account and all info pertaining to the situation.

ATTACHED: Sector7FloorPlan.png

ATTACHED: VLT07credentials.txt

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ATTACHED: VitaLockOperationManual.pdf

Vita-Lock Operation Manual (Summary)

The Biosec Vita-Lock Security Band v3.6.0 is a multi-function device that can track, monitor, and manage large numbers of humans. Originally developed for prison inmates, significant changes have allowed the Vita-Lock to be utilized in the workforce for nearly any situation...

By attaching a Vita-Lock to the wrist or ankle of a person, the device will automatically lock and enter Calibration Mode after a few seconds (see SECTION 5). Extensive testing has shown that a Vita-Lock is able to withstand up to 10,000 psi before being rendered inoperable and can continue functioning in extreme temperatures from -70 F to 200 F.

Vita-Locks can be managed through a Biosec Vita-Lock Interface (VLI) by logging into an activated VLT account (see SECTION 11). A single account can manage up to twelve (12) separate Vita-Locks at any given time. This limit has been set to minimize the risk of potential accidents that could occur if the VLI account should be compromised.

Vita-Lock Security Bands can perform all of the following tasks:
-Monitor the vital signs of the attached user
-Serve as an audio communications device with other Vita-Lock users up to two miles away
-Serve as identification for all Biosec Security Systems