by James Park

Website Updates and Patch Notes

12/14/16: GigaCorp is online. Special thanks to Mrinal Thomas, Woocheol Hyun, and Daniel Xu for helping me so far.

12/05/16: Long time no update. No one reads this, I'm sure, but I thought of a really good idea for a game (perhaps not quite a game, more like a thinking challenge) that I'm trying to flesh out. Hopefully it comes to something: I'll be putting a lot of time into it during the winter break.

10/21/16: Game Update: Started working on the 3rd level. Also nerfed the 2nd boss a little and buffed the player's bombs (they now make you briefly invincible).

10/16/16: After a long, grueling battle with CSS (thanks Woocheol), I tweaked the header of my website. I also fixed up the tutorial pages.

10/15/16: Removed the footers for now, they kept on acting up.

10/14/16: Hello. If you want to ever see what was changed I'll try to log it on this page. This update brought MAJOR changes to the website design and format. Several pages are currently broken: I'll try to fix them up when I can.